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Advanced aesthetic procedures


The face is composed of several layers, and the changes that come about during the aging process take place in each one of these. As a rule, these changes can be divided into two categories:  sagging and atrophy. Sagging occurs usually at a later age, whereas atrophy can set in much earlier. In order to give proper treatment, it is necessary to be familiar with the different layers and comprehend what is taking place within them. Atrophy can appear in the deeper layers, the fat, muscles and bone. Change in body weight, and various illnesses can cause atrophy of the fat. The therapeutic regimen that will be offered depends on the changes that the face has undergone. There is a wide choice of treatments available today, including treatment of the skin (peeling by chemical, mechanical or laser methods), alteration of the skin texture with the aid of medicinal creams, application of substances that encourage growth of collagen and elastin, various types of threads and more. Dynamic wrinkles that have arisen from use of the face muscles can be treated with Botulinum Toxin (manufactured under the trade names of Botox, Dysport or Xeomin). Other types of wrinkles can be obscured by filling with hyaluronic acid, calcium or autologous fat (taken from the patient's own body). The fillers, and in particular autologous fat, are exceptionally beneficial in treatment of atrophy. It is necessary to be versed in the areas where the facial fat lies and the exact boundaries of these areas in order to perform the filling process at the correct level and by the method that is most suitable for obtaining optimal results.



The lips require very special attention owing to their prominence on the face and their aesthetic importance. The treatment for the lips must be very defined. The lips can be widened in order to compensate for congenital narrowness or for atrophy and it is possible to change the borders of the lips in order to enhance them and to create a more handsome appearance. Dr. Gronovich pays particular care in choosing the filling material and the specific procedure that are the most suitable for optimal results and which give a natural appearance.



The aging processes that are revealed on the face are matched by changes that take place on the hands. Sagging and atrophy processes become evident on the dorsum of the hands. Here, too, it is possible to improve the appearance of the hands by treatments suited to the principal cause of the changes. The options include medicinal whitening creams, laser treatments for whitening and compaction, filling of the atrophied areas with fat or other material and more.

Dr. Gronovich is a lecturer at international symposiums and a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) of the Galderma Company, manufacture of RESTYLANE, the filler materials that have been under intensive study for over 20 years. He instructs physicians from all over the world in advanced injection techniques whereby these materials can be applied as fillers, and participates in many studies related to this field.    

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