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The nose is sited in the center of the face and is in fact the only organ included in plastic surgery that occupies such an obvious and central position. In addition, most patients who seek an improvement in the shape of their nose, consider this at a relatively early age.  These factors combine to allow a very narrow margin of error in the operation. It should be kept in mind that rhinoplasty will not produce a substitute for the existing nose, but only reshaping, contouring and adjusting it so as to flatter the general appearance. If invasive surgery is required to achieve good aesthetic results, the operation can be performed by an open or by a closed approach according to the nature of the desired needs.

Dr. Gronovich emphasizes that in some cases it is necessary to attend to other facial sites, such as the forehead and the chin, in order to achieve optimal results. Men and women differ as to the structure of their noses and the final shape that is most appropriate to their features. This is a point that Dr. Gronovich is careful to take into account when planning the surgical procedure.

These facts enhance the importance of the consultation meeting that will take place between patient and surgeon prior to cosmetic surgery of the nose. In this meeting the discussion will include the patient's expectations, a thorough examination of the nose and the face and an outline of the operation schedule.

Dr. Gronovich undertakes non-invasive procedures to reshape and mold the nose when the situation is appropriate. If necessary for satisfactoygry aesthetic results, other parts of the face such as the forehead and the chin will be included in the procedure. Such reshaping procedures may employ as fillers fat, calcium-based materials or hyaluronic acid.

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