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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

An important sector of plastic surgery procedures is dedicated to reconstruction. Reconstructive procedures include: treatment of skin malignancies, scars, congenital malformations and other flaws. Dr. Gronovich has abundant experience in advanced surgical procedures aimed at treating such problems, that employ the most up-to-date techniques currently available, including the use of stem cells, dermal substitutes, tissue expanders and more.

As Director of the Plastic Surgery Department at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Dr. Gronovich is called upon to operate for a wide range of surgical challenges and his know-how puts him at the front line of researchers in this field of medicine.

The decision as to which treatment combination is appropriate is made after an assessment of the nature and condition of the blemish and of the patient's expectations regarding his performance capabilities and his appearance following the treatment.

Dr. Gronovich takes upon himself the responsibility to assist the patient by providing the best possible solution to his problem, thereby granting him full performance potentials together with the most aesthetic physical appearance that modern surgical methods can offer.

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