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Protruding ears

Operation of protruding ears can be performed at an early age when the condition already bothers the child. Sometimes the condition involves only a single ear, when the asymmetry can be most disturbing. The aim of the procedure is to reshape the ears so that they will present a natural appearance without exaggeration. Dr. Gronovich operates under general anesthesia from the back of the auricle, and makes the incision at the join of the ear with the skull, so that the resulting scar will be completely hidden. The whole operation is done through that incision, including reshaping of the upper aspect of the auricle (antihelix), resection of the middle cartilage (the concha) and rearrangement of the auricle position. In some instances, reshaping of the lobule should be made in order to  get a uniform aesthetic result.

 Recovery from the operation is generally rapid with high satisfaction.

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