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Body Contouring

belly, thighs, arms, back, buttocks

Changes that the body undergoes with the passing years, in particularly if there is a significant reduction in body weight, make it necessary to reshape the areas of the body that have been influenced by these changes. It should be kept in mind that surgery designed for this purpose is not intended to produce any loss of weight but merely to reshape the body. Therefore, such operations are feasible only when the patient's weight has remained steady for a long period of time, and the tissues are not liable to undergo any significant changes.

The abdomen is prone to several changes in the course of years as a result of pregnancies, marked fluctuations in body weight, lack of exercise, surgical procedures in the abdominal area and so on. All these factors can contribute to a significant accumulation of superfluous skin and fat and separation of the long abdominal muscles (Diastasis Recti). These situations can be corrected by tightening of the abdomen. The procedure includes reshaping of the waist, the pubic and the upper abdomen area by suction of the excess fat, plication of the muscles and resection of the superfluous skin and fat. In certain cases, the tightening process will encompass also the back and the buttocks.

Changes that are also likely to take place in the arms, inner and outer thighs and the flanks can be similarly rectified by a combination of liposuction and tightening. The techniques adopted in order to achieve optimum results, minimum scarring and patient satisfaction will be determined after a thorough examination of the patient and awareness of his or her expectations.

Dr. Gronovich uses the most advanced techniques currently available when such operations are to be performed, in order to reach optimal results with surgical scars that are obscured as much as possible.  Coordination between surgeon and patient as to what can be expected at the outcome of the procedure and full understanding of the patient's personal needs are critical for the success of these surgical procedures

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