The breasts are important feminine organs of great aesthetic consequence, that undergo significant changes in the course of the years, from their earliest development, during pregnancy and nursing, in the event of weight fluctuations and at the menopause.

In the course of the developmental period it may be that the breast tissue remains underdeveloped (hypomastia or micromastia) or that the breasts become overdeveloped and unduly large (macromastia). There are also rare cases of ptosis, tubular and other categories of malformed breasts.

In general, with the exclusion of exceptional cases, aesthetic breast surgery will be delayed until the conclusion of the adolescent period. In instances where the breast tissue has remained underdeveloped, the volume of the breast will be augmented by a surgical procedure (generally with a silicone implant, and sometimes by the introduction of autologous fat – that is taken from the patient's own body). If the patient presents for reduction of large and heavy breasts, the procedure will always include lifting of the breast.

It is necessary to differentiate between breasts that have remained underdeveloped from the time of puberty and breasts that have dwindled as a result of childbirth, nursing or loss of weight. If the breast tissue has remained underdeveloped, it will be necessary to create a "pocket" into which the implant or the fat can be introduced, On the other hand, if the woman has normal sized breasts but they have become dwindled by some or other process, then such a "pocket" already exists, and therefore the surgical process will just be a matter of filling this pocket with sufficient material in order to restore the breasts to their original size, or to enlarge them if this is the desire of the patient and the condition of the breast tissue permits.

The changes that the breasts can undergo with the passing of years are not, of course, confined to changes in size and shape, but include also ptosis and shifting. In some cases, a certain degree of lifting can be achieved only by filling the breast pocket, but in other cases a better result is obtained by a combination of filling and lifting of the breast. The areola and the nipple can also change with time, so that in many cases these also have to undergo a reshaping process concurrently with the breast itself.

The decision as to which surgical option is preferable, whether the optimal choice of filling is a silicone implant or autologous fat, the target size and shape that are to be achieved – all these will be concluded after a meeting with the patient for in-depth consultation, at which the wishes of the patient will be correlated with her physical condition, the present structure and shape of her breasts and the condition and quality of the breast tissue. Such correlation is a central and essential stage in order to reach optimal results and the maximum degree of patient satisfaction.