Male breast - Gynecomastia

Males can also suffer from enlargement of breast – Gynecomastia, occasionally at the outset of puberty. Such changes can, at times, cause discomfort and be aesthetically displeasing.  In these cases, the first step is to consult an endocrinologist in order to determine whether or not the condition is one that can be improved by drug treatment. The next step is to make an imaging, usually Ultrasound, in order to determine whether the content of the tissue is fibroglandular or fat. The imaging shall exclude other findings as well (lumps, masses etc).

Physical examination by the plastic surgeon is important to decide about the preferred operation that should be performed.  A number of surgical options are available, and these will be discussed with the patient at the consultation. Examination of the affected area will allow for correlation of the optimal procedure with the patient's expectations. 

In view of the distress that the patient often suffers in these instances, an operation can be performed already during the adolescent years, although it should be kept in mind that the manifestation can repeat itself before maturity is reached.